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Closest Airport to Yellowstone

    Closest Airport to Yellowstone

    Planning to visit the Yellowstone National Park, and asking yourself “what is the closest airport to Yellowstone National Park”? Well, this is important to take the best route from your location. To help you plan well, we have done some information-digging work to help you find the closest airport to Yellowstone National Park. You just need to select the best option, check daily flights, and book a direct flight from your location. 

    Before booking your non-stop flight, here is an overview of your destination to build up the excitement. Yellowstone National Park in the US is the world’s first national park. Its history dates back to 11,000 years ago. It has its own Grand Canyon formed by the river Yellowstone. 

    The wildlife of the park is worth seeing. Witnessing the old faithful geysers that erupt every 90 minutes is a special experience. It also consists of the world’s largest hot spring Grand Prismatic. You can also do day hiking if you want. Learning about its location and the airport closest to Yellowston will make it easy for you to plan your visit.

    Where is Yellowstone National Park located?

    Yellowstone National Park is in the United States of America. It is largely located near the northeast of Wyoming and spread further to Montano and Idaho. Yellowstone National Park is also known for its geothermal features. Its area is 3468.4 sq. mi consisting of a supervolcano that is the largest volcano on the continent. The national park has both historical and architectural significance. 


    Idaho Falls Regional Airport

    Idaho Fall Regional Airport is closest to the west entrance of the national park. There is a direct non-stop flight from Idaho Falls Regional airport to the Cody Airport that is the West Yellowstone Airport. Idaho Falls (IDA) to Cody (COD) flight duration is more than 5 hours. From Cody airport to Yellowstone National Park, the road trip takes little more than an hour. It is 55 miles away. This option of flight can make it easy for you to travel to the national park. Cody airport is one of the closest airports to Yellowstone National Park. 

    Jackson Hole Airport

    Jackson Hole airport is inside the Grand Teton National Park, and it takes 1 hour 30 minutes to reach the south entrance of the park. From this airport, it takes 2 hours 41 minutes to reach Yellowstone Park. The distance is 137.9 miles. The airport has direct and non-stop flights from all over the USA. The major advantage of this airport is you can visit both the national parks.

    Yellowstone Regional Airport

    Yellowstone Regional Airport is located in Cody, Wyoming (northwestern Wyoming). It is 55 miles away from the east entrance of the park. It takes one hour to reach the airport to the park, you need to take commercial transportation. This airport is open all year round, though provides entry to the park from late spring to mid-fall.

    Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport

    Bozeman Yellowstone International airport has most of the national flights landing there. You can reach either the west or the north entrance within 2 hours. Ground transportation options to the Yellowstone National Park from the airport are many. The airport is served by Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and many other airlines. Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport provides shuttle services from the airport to the national park, which is convenient for a tourist.

    Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport

    West Yellowstone Airport

    West Yellowstone Airport is the closest airport to Yellowstone National Park. It is a small airport, though. It just takes around 5 to 7 minutes to reach the west entrance of the park. Service from Salt Lake City is provided from June to September. International travelers are suggested to book a flight from Salt Lake City to the West Yellowstone Airport. It is majorly used as a domestic airport. This is one of the most convenient flying options.

    Bert Mooney Airport

    Bert Mooney Airport is located in Butte and serves flights all year along. It is 146 miles away from Yellowstone National Park. It will take you 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach the park. The flight may take a stop at Salt Lake City and then come to Butte, so you need to check the flights accordingly.

    Billings Logan International Airport 

    Billings Logan International airport is 129 miles away from the national park. Commercial flights from this airport are almost daily. You need to check the flight schedule and check if there is a stop or if it’s a non-stop flight from your destination. You can reach the northeast entrance within 1 hour 40 minutes.

    Wrapping it up!

    The national park is such a spectacular place that it is worth your travel. It is surrounded by so many airports, which is a major advantage for all. Now that you know the airport closest to Yellowstone list, you can pick the best one that suits you. Check the flight schedules, book a direct or non-stop flight to the nearest airport, and rent a car or taxi from there to enjoy the beauty of the Yellowstone National Park.

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