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Closest Airport to Big Sky, Montana

    Big Sky Montana

    If you are planning to visit Big Sky in Montana, plan everything well to make the most of your trip. So, to time everything properly without missing out and without rushing, find out about the best route from your location. To do so, begin by digging the Internet to get a list of nearby airports, airport codes, non-stop flights/weekly flights to Big Sky Montana along with airport services like airport shuttles.

    To lessen some of your efforts, here we have listed the closest airports to Montana.  

    Big Sky

    Ousel Falls Airport 

    This is a private airport that you will find very helpful. It has all the connecting and direct flights to Montana. The airport is located 3.9 miles West of Big sky. This is the nearest airport that you will find in the city. 

    Another amazing factor is that it does not deprive you of the beauty of Montana for long. You will get easy travel deals and taxi services to Salt Lake City, Montana. After that, reaching Big Sky is rather a cakewalk. 

    Ennis-Big Sky Airport (EKS) 

    The next airport where you can land to visit Big Sky, Montana, is the Ennis-Big Sky Montana airport. The road distance is quite long, i.e. 244 miles (4 hours 24 minutes), so it’s better to take a flight. There are more than five airlines that operate from and from this airport to Big Sky. With the amazing flight attendants and staff, you will enjoy your flight immensely. In one year (2009), the airport had 11,000 aircraft operations, 97% aviation and 3% as air taxis. 

    This airport is the easiest way to reach Montana without worrying about connecting flights. Getting out of the airport too welcomes you to the fun-loving town until you reach Big Sky. 

    Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (IATA: BZN) 

    Even though this is not the closest airport to Big Sky, yet major airlines operating flights to Big Sky land at the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport. It is 45 miles from Big Sky that takes an hour roughly to reach. This is the busiest airport in Montana. From stunning facilities to numerous restaurants, gift shops, Wi-Fi, and more, it will leave you impressed. 

    bozeman yellowstone international airport

    Nine Quarter Circle Ranch Airport 

    If you are unhappy with the other options, here is another one for you. The nine-quarter circle ranch airport is just 88.2 miles from Big Sky. With easily available airport shuttles, you will find comfortable transport. 

    Yellowstone Airport (IATA: WYS) 

    This is a public airport which is located approximately 35 miles from the Big Sky, Montana. The airport is as big as 735 acres and you will find it 90 miles south of Bozeman. The base of the airport was built in 1951 west of an old town. Now it is one of the busiest airports. 


    Now that you are aware of all the major airports near Big Sky, Montana, book your flight early to avail of amazing travel deals and enjoy an authentic experience at Big Sky!

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