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Can You Take a Metal Cane on an Airplane?

    Metal Cane on an Airplane

    For seniors and those with mobility challenges, a cane can be an essential tool for getting around. However, traveling, particularly by air, raises a crucial question: “Can I take my metal cane on an airplane?” It’s a valid concern given the stringent security regulations at airports.

    The Short Answer

    Yes, you can usually take a metal cane on an airplane. Canes are generally considered medical equipment and are therefore allowed to be taken aboard. However, specific regulations can vary depending on the airline and the country in which you are flying. It’s crucial to always check with the airline and the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) or its international equivalent for the most current rules.

    Why the Concern?

    Since 9/11, airport security protocols have been more rigid. Many objects that were previously allowed are now restricted. Metal canes might raise eyebrows because they are, well, metal. However, they are generally permitted because they are considered medical equipment necessary for mobility.

    Types of Canes Allowed on Airplanes

    To help you navigate the airport experience better, we’ve compiled a list of types of canes typically allowed on airplanes. This information is provided by the Choice Senior Life website team.

    Type of CaneIs it Allowed?Notes
    Metal CaneYesCheck for airline-specific rules
    Wooden CaneYesEasily allowed as it’s non-metallic
    Adjustable CaneYesMust comply with airline requirements
    Collapsible CaneYesMust be stored properly during the flight
    Cane with a SeatMostly YesSome airlines may have restrictions
    Decorative CaneCheck with AirlineIf the cane has sharp or metal parts
    Walking StickCheck with AirlineIf used for medical reasons

    Key Tips for Traveling with a Cane

    1. Contact the Airline in Advance: Even though metal canes are generally allowed, it’s a good idea to contact the airline beforehand to ensure that you won’t face any issues.
    2. Arrive Early: You may need to go through additional security screening, so make sure to arrive earlier than usual.
    3. Carry Documentation: Although not mandatory, carrying a doctor’s note explaining the medical necessity for your cane can smooth over any challenges.
    4. Check for Updates: Regulations are subject to change, so always check for the most current information before you fly.
    5. Be Prepared for Inspection: TSA agents will likely inspect your cane, so be prepared to part with it briefly for this process.


    Traveling with a metal cane is generally permissible, but it’s always good to be prepared and check specific rules in advance. Airlines and TSA agents are generally accommodating of such needs, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    For the most accurate and up-to-date information, consult the TSA website or the equivalent authority in the country from which you’re departing.

    Safe travels!

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