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How to Stream on Twitch While Traveling?

    streaming while traveling

    Twitch is a great platform for live streamers to engage in what they genuinely love and share their interests with their audience. For this, most streamers want to know how to get more followers on Twitch accounts, so they can at the same time monetize their content and make a living.

    No matter how much Twitch streamers enjoy going live for hours and connecting with their audience, there’s no doubt that streaming live while traveling can be a struggle. They want to enjoy their vacations to the fullest without fretting about streaming as it kind of becomes a job for them no matter how much they love doing it.

    Therefore, this article will explore different ways to help you stream effectively on Twitch while traveling. Read below!

    1.    Be Prepared

    If streaming live while traveling will be your first time ever, it’s imperative to “practice” streaming before going on a vacation. Of course, you want to have fun while traveling and you want stress to be the last word in your dictionary.

    You have to consider so much while streaming and traveling, such as different shooting angles, recording another person, or hiding your card details when making a payment.

    The first time, it can be overwhelming. Therefore, you can “practice” streaming this way a few weeks before leaving for your trip. This way, you will be familiar with all the dos and don’ts of streaming while traveling for fun.

    2.    Arrange for a Strong Internet Connection

    How do you expect to stream smoothly without having a strong internet connection? It’s the first and foremost thing you should take into account, and then you should pack your streaming equipment with you as well.

    It’s better to invest in a portable internet device, so you never have to fret about having an unstable or poor internet connection and losing your viewers.  

    3.    Be Real With Your Audience

    If you further want to strengthen the connection with your audience, you should make everything clear to them. For example, you should tell them that you will be going on a vacation, and you won’t be able to constantly reply to their comments.

    This will make sure they don’t get disappointed when you actually go live, and they will be understanding about your “situation”. They will also feel appreciated that you cared about them enough to make them aware of your availability.

    4.    Make It Adventurous and Exciting  

    As you won’t be talking much in your live stream while on a vacation, your content should be engaging and entertaining enough to keep your audience hooked so they don’t exit your live stream.  

    Therefore, you should opt for adventurous activities such as eating “unusual” food, going paragliding or scuba diving, enjoying the most thrilling ride ever, practicing yoga on the highest point of the city, etc. This will not only make your vacationing fun but also your live stream.

    Don’t be disheartened, even if some of your first few live streams don’t go as successful as you had imagined. Remember that you can again go live the very next day, and mistakes will just help you come back stronger and better.

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