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Choosing the Best Music Streaming Services for Travelers

    Music Streaming for Travelers

    Who doesn’t love humming to the beat of their favorite music on travels? It doesn’t matter whether you’re driving to the office or flying to the best tourist destination. Listening to music on the go makes everything better!

    However, when talking about the music streaming services for travelers, only one option comes to mind; Spotify. The Swedish company first started in 2006 and has now become the top international music platform. It’s impossible to ignore the tremendous Spotify growth with 365+ million monthly users.

    But, well, it is not the only option. There are several other competitive alternatives available. Learn the way to choose the best one for yourself below!

    Choosing the Music Streaming Services for Travelers

    With a little research, finding the perfect music streaming partner for your travels can be a piece of cake. Here is what you should consider in streaming services:

    Music Catalog

    Most popular platforms will offer you up to 20-million songs. It means you will find almost all of your favorite tracks available. However, some artists prefer to release their music on selected services.

    For example, Taylor Swift removed all her records from Spotify and did not launch her famous album 1989 on any platform. You can only find her songs on Apple Music.

    Audio Quality

    Streaming services are likely to compromise on the sound quality for smaller file size. While this helps make streaming smooth, it’s not worth it if you cannot enjoy the music. Hence, always opt for platforms that offer lossless audio.

    They use innovative algorithms to reduce file size and maintain audio quality at the same time. However, you have to pay premium prices for them.

    Country Specificity

    Almost all music streaming services are available internationally. You can use them throughout Europe, Australia, America, and parts of Asia. However, they might not work in specific regions.

    So, before choosing, go through the list of countries where the service works. There’s no point in things if it isn’t available in your preferred places.


    Different streaming platforms operate on different operating systems. These include Android, iOS, and Windows. Pick one that functions on most of your compatible devices easily.

    That said, be vigilant about the device integrations too. Popular international services, like Spotify, are compatible with Xbox and PlayStation. However, some options like Sonos work on selected TVs.

    Pricing Plans

    The type of pricing plan you choose offers you different features of the music streaming service. These include the number of downloads, screens, and advertisements. Most platforms have free trial versions that you can use before opting for the premium paid ones.

    Best Music Streaming Service Alternatives to Spotify

    ● Tidal

    Tidal is the direct competitor to Spotify. It offers access to exclusive releases by popular celebrities like Kanye West, Jay Z, and Beyonce. The service is available in more than 50-countries and connects with all operating systems easily.

    ● Apple Music

    Apple Music has a massive catalog of 60+ million songs for Apple users. It also collects all your favorite songs purchased through iTunes. So, you can access your favorite songs all in one place.

    ● Amazon Music

    Amazon Music is a streaming service designed to work with Amazon products like Echo. It provides you access to its music catalog, depending on the membership plan. The better plan you purchase, the more songs you can access.

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