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Health for Women on the Road: Tips for Travelers

    Health for Women on the Road

    Traveling is a challenge on its own. There are bags to pack, documents to check, insurances to review, and whatnot. But, as a woman, you also have some other health issues to tackle.

    You need to prepare for menstrual cramps, gut problems, infections, and all sorts of health issues that can stop you from enjoying your trip to its fullest. Well, today’s post will help you do exactly that.

    From supplements for PCOS to workout sessions, here are the top tips on health for women on the road!

    Get Yourself Checked & Vaccinated

    Before you even book tickets, the first thing you should do is get yourself checked by a medical professional. See whether you have any deficiency, infection, or condition that needs special care.

    You should also research the required vaccinations for travel and get those done. For example, Covid-19 vaccination is mandatory for travel throughout the world. Similarly, some countries require polio and yellow fever vaccination.

    Prepare for the Worst

    If you’re only going away for a few weeks, you shouldn’t be worried about periods. But, if you’ll be away for months, consider packing enough supplies. 

    Note that while your travel destination may have feminine hygiene products available, they may not be of the same quality and price. This is a sensitive issue, and you should not take it lightly. It is best to carry your own pads and tampons.

    You should also consider reusable and long-lasting alternatives like menstrual cups. They take up less space in your luggage and cost less. Moreover, since they are reusable, the negative impact on the environment is also minimized.

    Consume a Healthy Diet

    Bloating and gut problems are common among women – especially those with children. Add UTI to the list, and things only get worse. So, if you want to enjoy your road trip to its fullest, pay attention to what you eat!

    It’s easy to lose yourself in the delicacies of local cuisine. But don’t forget to add green vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and bulks of water to your diet. Keep your diet balanced and try local cuisines without compromising your health.

    With that said, be extra careful if you have a medical issue like PCOS. And if you’re finding it difficult to control everything you eat, resort to easy solutions like health supplements created by S’moo. These will help keep your PCOS in check while you enjoy a restriction-free vacation.

    Keep Yourself Active

    This might not seem like woman-specific advice. But if you want to keep your body healthy and free from issues, get moving!

    Walking around in new places and shopping are not exercises. You need to engage all your body muscles to be energetic and feel like the best version of yourself. It’s why we recommend a 15 to 30-minutes workout.

    You don’t have to be very intense and vigorous. Just make sure your body stays active every day.

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