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London Souvenirs: 5 Distinctively British Products for Travelers

    London Souvenirs

    It’s generally believed that no city can match the vibe of London, and there’s no doubt in it. From the iconic Big Ben tower and dazzling London Eye to busy Oxford Streets and English tea houses, you can never get enough of this place. To bring a part of London with you home, local souvenirs will be your best bet. This way, you can keep the memories alive and even make your friends and family members happy. And in case your loved ones are also enthusiasts of natural skincare products and cosmetics, the great news is that the UK is their hub. Therefore, you can easily get anything from natural bath products to an organic deodorant in UK.

    If you, as a traveler, are on the hunt for more London souvenirs ideas that are authentically British, read this article to explore!

    1. Red London Bus

    The red London double-decker buses are seen as a national symbol as it literally reminds almost every one of the streets of London. It made its first appearance in 1956, and it was used by tourists to enjoy glimpses of the city.

    Therefore, you can easily find multiple red London bus souvenirs in the form of snow globes, stickers, decoration pieces, mugs, magnets, and even keyrings in different shops.

    Red London Bus Souvenir

    2. London Umbrella

    London is well-known for its unpredictable rainy weather. One minute it’s sunny, and the other minute there’s an overcast ready to pour. As a traveler, you will have to use an umbrella in order to protect yourself from getting drenched.

    While you’re at it, you can get your hands on an “I *heart* London” umbrella to remind you of the rainy days. It is not only portable but also compact and super lightweight, so you won’t have any issues carrying it in your pocket.

    London Umbrella

    3. Sherlock Holmes Poster

    Whether you’re a huge Sherlock Holmes fan or it’s one of your loved ones, the Sherlock Holmes poster would make for a tremendous souvenir. It will remind you of all the mysteries that he solved in the streets of Victorian London.

    The posters can be found in gift shops and most of them come in a top-notch quality resolution which you can either hang against the wall as it is or frame it. It usually features a classic Sherlock Holmes pose where he is smoking his pipe while holding and examining a piece of evidence.

    4. London Teapots

    You will see a variety of tea shops in London, and they are evidence of how popular tea is there. To keep you reminiscing on the good old British days spent in the streets of London, you can purchase elegantly designed tea sets and place them on your kitchen shelves.

    You can also find landmarks of London designed on them. In order to keep them secure on your flight, you can ask the shopkeeper to make the packaging extra sturdy. Teapots are available in the different stalls in Camden Market.

    London Teapots

    5. London Luxury Brands  

    Whether you’re the one who is into purchasing high-end products that can serve as souvenirs or it’s one of your family members, you can find multiple luxury fashion brands in London.

    The most famous ones are Mulberry and Burberry. The best thing about them is the prices are comparatively lower in London as they originate from there. You can also find amazing discount deals in the stores and get your hands on sleek cashmere scarfs, heavenly-scented perfumes, or stunning bags.

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