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How to overcome boredom while on the road: the best YouTube channels to watch

    best YouTube channels

    Spending so much time on the road could get boring real quick. Whether you’re stuck in traffic or on a road trip, you’d need to keep yourself entertained till you reach your destination for a fun road experience.

    One main source of mobile entertainment is YouTube. It has millions of engaging content to watch, with YouTubers creating the most entertaining videos and using the best YouTube Growth service to ensure that their content gets to you. However, the number of entertaining videos could get overwhelming, and you could spend your entire time on the road looking for what to watch.

    To help take care of that issue, and let you spend your time on the road watching something interesting. Here are 7 YouTube channels to check out.

    1.    MsMojo

    If you enjoy seeing a review of the best “anything”, you’d love watching videos from MsMojo. With over 4 million subscribers, this vlogger appears to have attracted a lot of YouTube viewers with her “top 10” content. These videos range from the top 10 music, videos, lifestyle, fashion, and many more. You’ll also find some of the most nostalgic videos on this vlog.

    2.    ELLE

    Watch some of your favorite celebrities play the game of song association for up to five minutes on ELLE. This vlog is so fun to watch, as you also get to play along and test how quickly you can associate a word with an actual song. ELLE has over 2 million other people who enjoy watching this vlog just as much as you will.

    3.    JunsKitchen

    Enjoy amazing videos of Jun trying out different recipes to make a delicious homemade meal. It doesn’t end there, Jun makes these mind-blowing meals with his cats patiently waiting for the magical final product of these meals, and over 5 million subscribers having a fun time watching all these happen.

    4.    The Skin Deep

    The Skin Deep will have you in your feelings as you watch loved ones ask and answer questions that help them build stronger bonds, in a series called “The And”. These questions help loved ones understand their perspectives better and resolve pressing issues. They usually sit over a table and take turns picking up cards with questions on them.

    5.    Jacksfilms

    Jacksfilms produces a variety of content centered around comedic music videos and parodies – anything to give his viewers a good laugh. He also ventured into various series like “your grandma sucks”, “jackass”, “yesterday I asked you”, each getting hundreds of thousands of views and over 4 million subscribers over the years.

    6.    Marques Brownlee

    Marques Brownlee keeps viewers engaged with some of the coolest technology reviews you’d ever see. With over 14 million subscribers, it is safe to say that viewers enjoy watching reviews about the latest technology. He reviews a wide range of technology and gives his unbiased opinion on each.

    7.    Jungle Survival

    Jungle Survival shows the creativity of two guys who build houses and make pools using ancient methods. They show their viewers how to survive in the jungle without having to trade comfort for their survival. And their vids are stunning, so you will not be bored at all.

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