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World’s Top 10 Airports 2021

    World’s Top 10 Airports 2021

    If you fly internationally quite often, you must be aware of many airports and the experience they offer.  It is amazing how these world-class facilities with the massive area are maintained in spite of millions of passengers who frequent them while boarding or departing. The market size of the airline industry is whopping. As per, it will reach $776.86 billion in 2021 from $686 billion value in 2020.

    Considering the huge profits and impressions they create in the mind of travelers, the investments in the airports are equally huge.  They offer world-class facilities as it helps in branding the city and the country, especially in the case of international airports. 

    They offer an exceptional experience to passengers and play a key role in forming a lasting impression in the mind of the travelers, attracting tourism by offering a glimpse of the place. If you plan to travel around the world, you should have details about the best airports in the world. Here is a list of the world’s top 10 airports in 2021

    1. King Fahd International Airport 

    This airport is also known as Dammam International Airport. It was the biggest airport in the world area-wise until the opening of Beijing Daxing International Airport. The King Fahd airport is a massive airport that sprawls in an area of 780 square kilometers and is used by 10 million passengers. It has two runways and four terminals. Its main terminal has six stores where there are duty-free stores, cafes, and banks, etc. It also has an airport mosque and a plant nursery. There also has been a Royal Terminal for the royal family of Saudi Arabia and government officials too. It has luxurious interiors and beautiful landscapes outside.

    2. Singapore Changi Airport

    There is a reason to call the Singapore Changi airport one of the most beautiful airports. It has been rated as World’s Best for eight years in a row by Skytrax. It is also known as the world’s cleanest airport and a notable one for international flights.

    The airport’s extension, Jewel Changi Airport, is designed by leading architects and is a must-visit. It is a popular tourist destination as well and provides a glimpse of Singapore’s gardens through beautiful green areas that are mesmerizing and refreshing to be in after a long journey. You can easily access it from all the 3 terminals. Key highlights of Jewel Changi hub are a remarkable 40-meter high indoor waterfall, Forest Valley, mesmerizing play areas, amazing food options (both local delights and global cuisine), shopping opportunities, and more.

    3. Doha’s Hamad International Airport

    Hamad International Airport has earned the best number in the list of the top airports for its unique architectural construction. The airport sprawls in 22 square kilometers and has an annual passenger handling capacity of 30 million. Unlike other bustling airports, the Hamad International Airport looks more like a resort that will give you a luxury getaway.

    Enjoy a relaxing time in the indoor swimming pool, enjoy the game of squash at squash courts, and much more. The airport was designed to provide travelers with a luxury experience with a spa, gym to lounges; this airport presents you with umpteen options to engage yourself while you are here. The airport also offers great connectivity to international destinations, like South Korea

    4. Tokyo International Airport 

    The Tokyo International Airport is also known as Haneda International Airport. It is the closest airport to downtown Tokyo and is most preferred by new travelers. The airport is one of the cleanest airports (2013). It has 3 terminals and is connected via shuttle services. All the prominent international flights connecting to the United States, Shanghai, and other parts of the world can be boarded from the Tokyo International Airport. 

    5. Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)

    The Shanghai Pudong International Airport is a hub for many Chinese airlines like China Southern Airlines, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, and Shanghai Airlines. It is one of the biggest airports and globally holds the 8th ranking. Spread in more than 10,000 acres, this airport has a traveler handling capacity of 74 million passengers annually, thus making it one of the crowded airports in China. There are plenty of things to do when you are at this airport like you can relax in the lounge, shop around, and enjoy scrumptious meals at the cafes that can be spotted airside. It handles both passenger and cargo traffic.

    6. Dubai International Airport

    The Dubai International Airport is one of the biggest airports in the world and busiest due to the high number of daily passengers. With an area of 7,200 acres and three terminals, Terminal 3 is the largest in the world. The airport employs almost 90,000 people. With world-class facilities like business centers, baby care rooms, currency exchange, Wi-Fi, prayer rooms, smoking lounges, showers, special assistance, medical services, etc. This airport is also known to have the biggest duty-free shopping centers. The Emirates connects Dubai to international destinations like the United States, the Eastern part of the globe, and the South Pacific region.  Due to its facilities, it is among the best airports in the world.

    7. London Heathrow Airport 

    London Heathrow Airport is one of the best airports in the world, from where 81 airlines operate flights to over 200 destinations in over 80 countries. The highest number of flights from this airport fly to New York. British Airlines, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic Airways have their aviation hub here. The airport offers amazing facilities like plush lounges, spas, currency exchange facilities, relaxation rooms, shopping facilities, etc. Besides, all five terminals are Wi-Fi enabled. It is among the busiest airports due to millions of passengers and a whopping number of aircraft movements. As per 2020 statistics, it handled 22,109,550 passengers and there were 207,070 aircraft movements.

    8. Kansai International Airport 

    The airport is located in Greater Osaka, Japan. If you are traveling from Osaka, the nearest airport will be Kansai International Airport; Osaka city is just 50 km from this aerodrome. This airport is closed to Kyoto and Kobe. Located on the artificial island, this airport opened in 1994 and has a passenger handling capacity of over 26 million as of 2016. This made it the 3rd busiest airport in Japan. It has multiple runways and meets all three global standards and is a 24-hour operational airport. It is also a hub for many airlines like All Nippon Airways, FedEx Express, Japan Airlines, Jetstar Japan, Nippon Cargo Airlines, and Peach Aviation

    9. Munich Airport

    Munich Airport has also earned a good ranking in the best airports in the world and is among the top 10 busiest airports in Europe. Covering an area of 3,892 acres, it has 2 passenger terminals and is an aviation hub for Lufthansa airlines. The airport is an architectural bliss. It offers its travelers exclusive services like an onsite brewery, glass-walled design, napping pods, informative high-tech centers, and even a sports ground. The airport is equipped to handle huge passenger traffic. In 2019, it handled around 50 million passengers.

    10.  Zurich Airport

    This is the largest international airport in Switzerland. The airport has three terminals and three runways. It is a hub for Swiss International Air Line and Edelweiss Air. All the major international airports take off from this airport. There are around 9 lounges where you can relax and get into some shopping spree as the Zurich airport welcomes you to explore a wide range of duty-free shops. Relish delectable food at different restaurants while enjoying lovely views outside. 


    Now that you know about the best airports in the world, the next time you are choosing your travel destinations, you would know what to expect.

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