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Facebook Marketing for Travel Agencies: 5 Tips

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    Around 36.8% of the entire world’s population uses Facebook every month, therefore, you shouldn’t overlook the significance of using this platform to help you advertise your travel agency. Although you can get real and organic Facebook likes by Vervebook to help you boost your engagement rate on this platform, there are some other important tips and tricks as well that can allow your travel agency to gain visibility and reach.

    Therefore, this article will mention 5 useful Facebook marketing tips for travel agencies to skyrocket their business in no time. Read below!

    1. Share Your Travel-Related Knowledge

    You don’t have to merely share promotional stuff regarding your travel agency. However, a combination of sharing travel-related tips and facts with this will make you an authority in this niche.

    You can pique the interest of people with the vast knowledge you have, and they will most probably like to travel with such an experienced agency.  

    You can share some tips on traveling, facts about a historical place, what to avoid when traveling to a certain region, etc.

    2. Create Your Facebook Travel Group

    Creating your own Facebook travel group is a great way to combine your community in one place and as it starts expanding, you will be able to increase your revenue. You can set group rules as well, and you can encourage group members to share their travel experiences.

    There are plenty of Facebook groups that started from scratch, and now they have large communities that engage with each other and, at the same time, the agency promotes their upcoming events and packages.

    3. Run Contests

    This Facebook marketing tip can help you in increasing your brand reach and gain new followers/likes on your page. You can ask your current audience to participate in your upcoming contest or giveaway followed by the scheme like the winner will get 50% off on the next trip with you.   

    You can either ask them to tag 5 friends on your upcoming trip post, share the best traveling picture of a trip with you, or like your page. This will help you in capturing your current and potential audiences’ attention and increase trip bookings.

    4. Share User-Generated Content (UGC)

    Sharing user-generated content is another spectacular marketing strategy that you can adopt on Facebook. You should keep sharing your followers’ photos, stories, or videos on your page, so others get inspired to hop on a trip with you.

    You can also ask your followers to share their honest reviews on your page and tag your page whenever they upload their pictures and videos on their Facebook account for brand exposure.

    5. Leverage Facebook Ads

    You can target a specific audience using Facebook ads for your upcoming travel destination, so you can utilize your resources in the most economical way possible.

    For instance, you can target a young audience for an adventurous trip, professionals for a business trip, and people with children for a family-friendly holiday.

    A carousel ad is the best Facebook ad format you can use as a travel agent. Not only is it cost-effective, but it is also more attractive and allows you to put up to 10 images per ad.

    Don’t forget to incorporate high-quality pictures, clear text in the description explaining your excursion details such as price, accommodation and food, and most importantly, a call-to-action.

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