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Tips to Find the Best Coworking Spaces While Traveling

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    Whether you’re a digital nomad, freelancer, or remote worker, you already know the struggle of finding the best coworking space to keep on making money while traveling. This process should go in your favor and not against you.

    Rather than having to work in a coffee shop or in isolation in your hotel/Airbnb room, working in a shared office space can encourage you to work better and network with other fellow remote workers.

    Many countries have coworking spaces for this purpose. If you want to find the best coworking spaces while traveling, we’ve mentioned some helpful tips in this article. 

    Tip #1: Look for Amenities

    Of course, you want all the basics while working in a shared office space such as a fast internet connection, a desk, tea/coffee, and office supplies like printer, papers, and pens.

    Most coworking spaces offer more than just the basics. For instance, you can get access to personal lockers, workshops, massages, and pet-friendly rules. If these things are important for you, you must confirm this before booking your space.

    Tip #2: Location Is Everything  

    If you have ever been a traditional office employee, you know the struggle of commuting and rushing through traffic to reach your office on time. This can surely be stressful.

    Hence, you must consider the same when finding the best coworking spaces while traveling. Some remote workers want the office space near their hotel/Airbnb, whereas others prefer being near public transport.

    You also need to ask yourself if you want a supermarket, a coffee shop, or any other attractions near you to make an informed decision.

    Tip #3: Consider Your Budget

    Until or unless your boss covers all kinds of expenses related to your business trip, you need to take into account your budget when booking a coworking space.

    Some of them can come with a hefty price tag, and you certainly don’t want to go broke. The prices depend upon various membership options, such as do you want a private space or a dedicated desk.

    Moreover, some coworking spaces charge you on a daily/weekly basis, whereas others may offer a package for an entire month. This can also have an impact on the final cost.

    Tip #4: Flexible Working Hours

    Do you know that some coworking spaces operate during typical office hours i.e., 9 to 5? Now, it can be a massive problem for some freelancers who don’t really have a rigid schedule and work whenever it best suits them.

    Therefore, you should also take into consideration the operating hours of a coworking space. Some of them even stay open 24/7, so you don’t have to fret about the limited amount of time you’ve on hand.

    Tip #5: The Interior of the Office

    Most people tend to be more productive with a better office interior. Now, the term “better” here has different definitions from person to person.

    For example, if you tend to lose focus with an office with dark furnishings but perform your best with a smooth, white interior, you eventually know what’s better for you.

    Likewise, you should consider if natural light, indoor plants, or ergonomic desks are essential for you.

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