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Vacation-Proof Your Home With Smart Devices: 5 Tips

    Vacation-Proof Your Home With Smart Devices: 5 Tips

    Leaving your home for a vacation can make trusting your memory and existing security measures difficult. You start to doubt that the locks are strong enough, the CCTV is in the right position, or whether the lights are off. The thought of someone breaking in will constantly pop up in your head. While you can get a smart garage door opener to keep your home safe from intruders, as the garage is their usual point of entry for a break-in, there are other safety measures you need to know and put in place.

    Technology has made it easier for you to go on vacation and secure your house automatically. If you want to worry less about your home security and some other details while you have the time of your life in another city or continent, here are 5 tips that’ll keep your house under control with the help of smart devices, even while you are miles away.

    Security Cameras Connected and Video Doorbells Charged

    Smart security cameras are one of the best ways to vacation-proof your house. They come with motion sensors that alert you when anyone approaches them while you’re away. With this notification, you can easily identify that the person is either an intruder or a harmless visitor, giving you enough time to call the police in cases where it is the former.

    Position your security cameras in high-activity and strategic areas of your house; where an intruder can’t miss. Keep your cameras out of sight, but make sure they’re not placed where the lens can easily be obstructed

    Set Your Smart Plugs

    Set Your Smart Plugs

    Smart plugs are a wise investment to help you save power and reduce the chances of fire hazards while you’re away. You can easily turn off all your devices whenever you forget to do so before leaving. Other devices that are on a schedule to come on can also be turned off while you’re away.

    Make Use of Your Smart Lights

    Leaving your lights on a few hours a day, at certain times can give burglars the impression that someone is at home. With smart lights, you can control the lighting of your home and keep it on at fixed times during the day or maybe at night. And the best part of it all is that you can change the schedule once you’re back and have it functioning as usual.

    Smart Door Locks for Extra Security

    Take your home security up a notch with smart door locks. They can be used to give anyone access to your house by creating temporary passcodes, in cases where there’s an emergency. This passcode can be used to let cleaners, pet sitters, or any artisan in for a set period without risking a future break-in.

    Protect Your Home From Harsh Weather Conditions with Leak Sensor and Smart Thermostat

    Keeping your home vacation-proof isn’t just about keeping humans away and saving electricity, but it’s also about keeping nature away.  Leak sensors notify you when there’s water when there’s a pool of water under them, so you can take immediate action. 

    With smart thermostats, you no longer have to worry about extreme temperature levels. They have built-in safe temperature settings that keep your home from freezing in the winter and heating during summer.


    With the right smart devices, you can go anywhere in the world without putting your home and valuables at risk of theft or damage. They help keep your home in the safest and best condition while you’re away.

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