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How to combine study and vacation: 5 tips

    combine study and vacation

    Waking up, you immediately set onto a hunt for the best maths tutoring Sydney services as you plan for the trip next week.  Sweat beads form on your skin as you juggle assignments along with flight booking.  

    Phew – to be a student and an avid traveler can be challenging. You have to ensure a constant balance between both aspects of your life. However, while this balance is crucial to achieving success, many students struggle to maintain it.  

    Do you find this true for yourself? Well, then worry no more. Here are the 5-best tips on how to combine study and vacation!

    Planning is Everything 

    Before you book those tickets, evaluate the plethora of travel destinations available to you as a student. You may want to go to Paris or Moscow because you like them. 

    However, you need to put your study requirements into consideration. Does the selected place offer student-friendly policies? Will you be able to avail of lowered prices and discounts? Think about all these aspects when choosing a destination. 

    Also, contact your university to learn about transfer student programs. A lot of universities allow you to spend one or two semesters in a partner university abroad. This particular way you can travel into a new city without compromising on study! 

    Opt for Online Tutoring Services 

    Since the pandemic, almost every academic institute now offers the option to either study on-campus or take online classes. Online studies take away your dependency on location. You can be anywhere in the world and still attending college lectures from your laptop! 

    Apart from location independence, online classes have a flexible schedule and timings too.  You can also listen to recorded lectures afterward in case you have missed it. 

    Try Weekend Trips

    Sometimes, students are unable to travel across the country or have longer vacations due to academics. Does this mean a compromise on your love for traveling? Certainly not! 

    Weekend trips

    Try traveling to popular tourist spots and explore new places in your city on weekends. Hang out with friends or go solo-just make sure to have fun. You can even go on a two to three-day trip to a neighboring city if your university schedule allows. 

    Manage your Finances 

    Educational expenses and loans take a long time for students to repay. Do the calculations to figure how much finances you can spend on traveling. Can you afford to have a month-long vacation in Dubai when your tuition fees are due next week? 

    Doing budgeting beforehand will help you check in with the situation. And, thus, you can plan better, stress-free holidays while still studying. 

    Be Proactive 

    Once you’ve planned your destination and done the budgeting, it’s time to be proactive! 

    Check your assignment calendars and deadlines. In case the dates are clashing with your holidays, try to do them before onboarding the plane. So, you can have as much time to yourself as possible.  

    Do not forget to inform the college management about your plans so that things can get adjusted accordingly. Also, inquire about lectures and topics you’re likely to miss during the vacations. If possible, ask the tutor for an outline. So, you can continue studying and cope up with others.

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