Parking at MacArthur Airport ISP

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Parking at MacArthur Airport ISP - Location:

40.78999 -73.097526

Parking at MacArthur Airport ISP - 100 Arrival Ave, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA

Display Phone
Days Outdoor
1$ 14.00

Parking at MacArthur Airport 

 *Reservations are not needed, nor are they taken by our parking vendor.

** Cash, credit card or debit cards accepted methods of payment.


$1.75 per half-hour
$3.50 per hour
$25 per 24 hours (Maximum Charge)


$4 per hour
$15.50 per 24 hours (Maximum Charge)


$4 per hour
$14.00 per 24 hours (Maximum Charge)* 

*Included in the price is a free shuttle to and from the Main Terminal. Shuttle applies only to customers using the Economy Lot.

*ECONOMY LOT SHUTTLE STARTS at 4:30 a.m. and makes regular trips to the lot every 15-30 minutes until one hour after the final flight after the evening lands.

*The Parking exit booth is open 24 hours a day.



Residents of the Town of Islip are eligible to purchase a Resident Parking Permit via mail or by stopping into MacArthur Airport. 

Proper proof of residency is required to purchase the permit, and permit holders are able to park in 6, 6A or 6B, the designated Town Resident Parking Lots. 

To download a copy of the form, or for more information, please click the link below.




For additional information or to have questions answered regarding the resident parking program, kindly contact our Resident Parking office.

Town of Islip Resident Parking permits can be purchased in the Airport Identification (ID) Office in the Atrium of the Main Terminal between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday or through the mail.


Handicapped Parking

Disabled Persons with valid disabled parking permits can park in the Short-Term (hourly) lot if they cannot use the long-term parking lot. At time of payment, the disabled permit must be presented in order to be charged the reduced rate (Long Term parking rate, rather than Short Term parking rate). 

Skycaps for wheelchair assistance or porter service can be arranged by contacting your airline. 

Consult your airline for assistance with baggage, ticketing or transportation to your departure gate. The individual airlines will provide specialized services for people with disabilities.


With our help you will find the best cheap parking. If you did not find the right information on this page or this airport parking does not suit your needs, you might be interested in other parking spots near the ISP airport. You can always use our website search engine to find a cheapest airport car parking that suits you the best.

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Available amenities

Bag assist

Baggage assistance is help carrying your luggage from your car to shuttle bus, loading in and out of shuttle bus when arriving at your terminal. Our friendly staff is happy to help you with baggage assistance on your request.

Book Online

Booking online is when you use the internet or apps in your phone to pay and reserve your parking spot. Booking online guarantees that you have a parking spot on the day of your flight. We have an extensive list of car parks for you to book online.


Car park can accommodate all types of cars. Types of cars include sedans. station wagons, mini vans, sports, and luxury vehicles that are equipped to seat not more than 12 adults, and does not exceed the height restrictions of the car park.

Long Term

Long Term Car Parks are car parks where you can park your vehicle for a longer period of time ranging from a day to weeks. These car parks offer cheaper parking rates for longer stays. The longer the stay, the more value you get. They may provide other services including courtesy shuttle to and from the airport, valet parking, and car detailing and maintenance.

Short Term

Short Term Car Park are car parks ideal for a few minutes to a day of parking. Parking fees are usually on a per hour basis, although most of these car parks can accommodate more than a day of parking. The rates are higher compared to other parking options.

24 Open

Car parks that are open 24 hours provide extra security for your car such as CCTV camera, and roving security personnel. You can park and pick up your car at any time with no added costs except for the parking fee. They may also provide services such as shuttle to and from the airport, car maintenance, valet parking, and key storage facility.


Indoor car parks are covered car parks for both short term or long term parking. Despite a slightly higher cost compared to outdoor parking, you can enjoy more benefits including CCTV coverage, roving security patrol, shuttle services to and from the airport, and protection of your car from the elements.


Outdoor Car Parks are car parks that are ground-level, open air and open sided, providing natural lighting and does not need ventilation systems or air ducts. These car parks have cheaper operational costs as they save on electricity consumption which spells savings for users. Most of these car parks are fenced for extra security measure.


Pre-booking is when you book a parking space in a car park days or weeks prior to your flight. By pre-booking, you save money as discounts are offered by car parks for this option, and you save time as well, as all you have to do is proceed to the parking area where a space is reserved for you.


A valet or parking attendant will wait for you in the car park and will park your car in a designated valet parking space. A courtesy shuttle is then provided which will drop you off and pick you up from the airport.


Credit or debit cards can be used to pay for parking fees here. Major CC vendors accepted.


Cash payment is when you pay in cash for your parking fee. By using this form of payment, you will have to make a cost estimate depending on how many hours or days you will be parking your vehicle. Payment is made when exiting the car park which means you have to make sure you have cash on hand.


CCTV is a closed-circuit television which produces images or recordings for a number of surveillance and other monitoring private purposes. These are used by car parks to ensure the safety and security of vehicles 24/7. These are strategically located all over the car park and are monitored by security personnel.

Unavailable amenities





Car Wash

Car Rental

Child Seat



Leave keys

Trav. agent


Payment PayPal

Electric Charger

Parking at MacArthur Airport ISP
100 Arrival Ave, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA
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