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Why Can’t You Take a Hoverboard on a Plane

    Hoverboard on a Plane

    Are you thinking of taking your hoverboard with you on vacation? Hoverboards are self-balancing scooters that have gained popularity among kids and adults alike. They are an exceptional way to travel and explore cities. This make a hoverboard in Australia a perfect addition to your vacation travel pack. People traveling on trains, cars, or buses will usually encounter no issues if they carry their hoverboards. However, that isn’t the same for those who are taking flights. 

    Like most new products in the market, hoverboards received positive consumer feedback, and airlines allowed their customers to bring them on their flights. However, that became a different story when speculations began to rise that hoverboards were exploding. Eventually, both national and international airlines decided to ban hoverboards on flights. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you can’t bring your hoverboard on a plane.

    • Low-Quality Hoverboards

    The high popularity of hoverboards has resulted in a gold rush production of low-quality and affordable products. Despite this being good for the consumers, this has led to various dangerous circumstances. Some of these low-quality hoverboards pose fire hazards, making them difficult to have on flights.

    • Lithium-ion Battery Packs

    Like any other electronic gadget, hoverboards get power from embedded lithium batteries. Although lithium batteries are manufactured with safety in mind, when created hastily and in large quantities, their quality is put in question. These low-quality batteries have charging problems and overheating. It is because of these cheaply made hoverboards with inbuilt batteries that have led to some of them bursting into flames. 

    General Consensus

    As you can see from the previous details, it is clear that hoverboards aren’t generally allowed on airlines. This hasn’t spared even the high-quality units that have established safety guidelines while manufacturing their hoverboards. Most airlines have put in place a stringent ban on all hoverboards. The move was done as a safety protection to ensure that all passengers aboard feel safe when flying.

    Are There Alternatives to Flying with Hoverboards

    Do you feel you can’t do without your hoverboard, despite the airline ban on them? There are other options to get your hoverboard to your desired destination.

    • Mailing

    Mailing your hoverboard is one way to get it to your destination on time. However, note that not all companies ship hoverboards with lithium batteries. But there are exceptions, such as FedEx, that will ship it for you. 

    • Consider Other Means of Transport

    If you want to be sure that your hoverboard arrives at your preferred destination, take it with you. Other than taking a flight, you could rent a car or take a bus or train. 


    Hoverboards can spice up your experience when exploring your country or traveling around the world. Although you can’t take them on a plane, you can rent one when you get to your destination. Alternatively, you can take other means of transport that allow them as baggage, such as trains and buses.

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