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The Most Environmentally Friendly Countries for Green Living

    Green Living

    Living in an environmentally-friendly country can positively impact the quality of your life. Excellent air and water quality, optimal waste management, more green spaces, and minimal CO2 emissions can significantly help your wellbeing.

    Of course, you are also responsible for the steps you take to improve your health. It starts right from your home. For example, a well-reputed solar installation company can provide the most suitable solution for installing Titanium Solar Power panels to reduce carbon emissions and electricity bills.

    Whether you’re planning to move to a new country or you’re just curious about your country being greener, we’ve listed the 5 most environmentally-friendly countries in this article for a sustainable lifestyle. Keep reading to explore!  

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    1. Denmark

    Thanks to the efforts and consistent commitment of the Danish government, they have even made plans to make this country 100% carbon neutral by 2050. While it already has the lowest co2 emissions growth rate globally.

    Along with its investment in renewable energy such as bio-energy systems and increased usage of electric cars, Denmark has constructed cycle superhighways that provide cyclers a smooth and safe way to travel anywhere between 5 to 30 km every day.  

    2. Luxembourg

    Although Luxembourg is growing quickly, it still is known as one of the most eco-friendly countries for living. 20% of the land area is occupied by forests which makes the quality of air better, so you can go walking and cycling in the nature.

    It is working on improving and expanding its public transport network to minimize traffic and the use of vehicles. Low pollution emissions, wastewater treatment, and low levels of groundwater contamination help qualify this country for sustainable living.

    3. Switzerland

    You may know Switzerland for its mesmerizing nature and adventurous activities in the lush mountains, however, it also offers a great quality of life for its residents.

    This beautiful country is one of the top recyclers worldwide and its mission is to encourage sustainability and protect biodiversity. It even invests heavily in renewable energy to make this country greener.

    There are even strict laws and regulations for urban development and expansion to preserve nature.

    4. United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom is another environmentally friendly country to live in. The quality of water and sanitation is undeniably remarkable in this country. You will see a plethora of wind turbines in the UK because of their high investment in renewable energy.

    In order to encourage its citizens and residents to use electric cars and bicycles, the UK has levied hefty charges on other carbon-emitting vehicles.

    It put a ban on plastic straws in the year 2020 and even charged its residents for using plastic bags to significantly drop the plastic pollution, which it successfully did.

    5. France

    Exceptional management of biodiversity, climate change, and pollution emissions has allowed France to rank number 5 on the list of top most eco-friendly countries for green living.

    As France is not as industrialized as other developed countries, it has notably minimized CO2 emissions and air pollution. The French government has implemented laws to eliminate food waste and taken initiatives to install hydro turbines along the rivers.

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