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5 Travel TikTokers You Should Be Following

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    We should thank TikTok for many things. For example, it revived the Vine vibes, making us all learn to dance and many other talents for some particular purposes, and gave us something to do in the quarantine.

    But now, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gives fully vaccinated people a green signal to travel anywhere in the world, there is no need to prevent boredom. It is time to plan the next big adventure instead. Whether you want to go off overseas or want to enjoy stateside adventures, you always need a little inspiration to encourage yourself. If you yourself want to travel and use TikTok as your vlog, you might like the article on what are diamonds on TikTok. We also advise you to consider working with a well-known TikTok growth service, which will help you gain subscribers.

    In this article, we would like to thank TikTok again, as we have found some best travel TikTokers whom you should follow to get as much travel inspiration as you need to make your summer vacations more adventurers.

     1.    USA Adventures (@usadventures)

    This account is all about travel inside the USA. It is aimed to inspire people to add the US to their travel destinations list. The account holders, Allie and John, share their experiences with stunning views of different outdoor adventures they made in the USA. You should follow them for some amazing and stunning sites to explore in the USA.

    2.     Renee (@renee.roaming)

    Renee is a travel photographer and blogger who inspires people with simple but fantastic hiking tips. People love her because of the incredible shots she took to explain the American’s real beauty. In addition, she helps make you know the national park’s rankings from the best to worst. To get more in-depth travel guides, you should follow her on TikTok.  

    3.     Pure Trips (@puretrips)

    Puretrips provides us with a positive traveling experience, helping trigger joy and promote mental health. Follow her if you want to know more about the West Coast traveling experience. You will have all the basics, from what to do to where to go on the West Coast.

    4.     Rio Travelers (@riotravelers)

    When it comes to talking about international traveling adventures, we all love to see Trent and Sarah Anderson – a travel couple. Whether you are a newlywed couple who wants to explore the most romantic destinations during your honeymoon or a single babe who wants to do some adventures with your besties, you need to follow them for possible adventure tips. 

    5.     The Weekend Forecast (@theweekendforecast)

    Are you a travel enthusiast and currently looking for a camping experience? Well, you are in luck because we are introducing theweekendforcast. People show their love for Denae McGrath because she offers you what you need to know about camping. As well as this, she shares her best cooking tips with you and makes you know how to stay as eco-friendly as possible. 


    If you are a traveling enthusiast and are on the head to start your next journey with some vlogging idea, you are at the right place. This article will help you make familiar with the best travel TikTokers who will surely inspire you and encourage you to make your next journey possible.

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