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The Best And Worst Days To Fly For Cheap Fares

    The Best And Worst Days To Fly For Cheap Fares

    Whenever we need to book a flight, our target usually is to grab cheap airfares. With so many airlines operating on the same route, it is cumbersome to visit each airline’s website to check the fares. Thanks to the flight booking portals, you can easily compare and book cheap flights.

    Now coming to the best and worst days to fly, this is something no one can predict. The flight prices fluctuate due to several factors, hence there are no hard and fast rules to get cheap fares. However, logic says that the best days to fly are when demand is less, and the worst are when demand is more.  

    In this article, we have discussed in-depth the days when your chances of getting the cheapest flight tickets are high. These in other words are the best days to fly. We have also discussed the worst days to fly (even though that sounds unpleasant). The worst days are when flight tickets are expensive, nothing more than that. If you want to get the best deals on flight tickets, going through this write-up would help. 

    How To Save On Flights And Find The Best Flight Deals? 

    Who doesn’t want to grab the best deals on flight tickets? Each one of us, isn’t it so? Well, you surely can if you know and follow the below tips. As mentioned, airfares have a wavy graph based on factors, such as seasons, economic state, taxes, demand, competition, etc. But thankfully, there are a few ways to win the jackpot, i.e. the best deal on flights:

    1. Compare the flight deals from various airports and companies; it will help you get the best deal on flights.
    2. Don’t buy tickets too late if you know about your plan. It will help if you try to purchase tickets two to three months in advance.
    3. Buying air tickets last-minute will mean spending double the amount, and sometimes even more than that. 
    4. Keep an eye out for low price deals on online air ticket portals. 
    5. Choosing another less busy airport that is near your destination can sometimes work for you.
    6. Try to book tickets on weekdays, especially on Tuesday or Wednesday. Since these are the mid-days of the week, you might get the cheapest deals if you are lucky. Also, Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest days to fly.
    7. If you want to go for a vacation during any specific holiday season like Thanksgiving and Christmas, try to book your tickets earlier.
    8. If you don’t want to pay too much for your airline tickets, try to avoid Fridays and Sundays. Since the weekend starts on Friday and Sunday is a holiday, the airfares are usually high on these days.
    9. Look for odd-hour flights. On some routes, early morning or late-night flights are cheaper. So, check out the prices of flights at different times of the day like midnight and dawn and book suitably. 

    What are the cheapest days to fly in 2021?

    The cheapest days are when you get some great deals on flight tickets, and sometimes you might end up paying half of the airfare for your destination because of a particular day. 

    The cheapest days to fly are determined by weather, festivals, school breaks, sporting events, and even days of the week. Even though some believe that flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to fly, it may not always be the case. 

    What Are The Best Days To Fly Regarding The Season?

    The best days to fly in terms of the cheapest days to fly would be the low season. Low season is when a specific flight route has low demand or fewer travelers flying. Find out the high season and low season for your destination and choose a time when the low season is ending, and high season is about to begin or vice-versa to enjoy the best of both. In other words, plan a trip on the edge to get cheap tickets due to low season pricing while enjoying the high season benefits. Also, read travel tips to enjoy to the fullest. 

    If you want to fly to the US or Canada during spring, watch out for the post-winter price hike, which will be around the end of February. On the other hand, for Europe, prices hike in mid-May and early June, so try to get tickets earlier in spring. The late fall and winter months are the best and cheap to fly to Europe.

    During summer and fall, airfares for the US, Canada, and even Europe drop that is in August. Again, the next price drop will be during the first two weeks of September. The best days to fly for Europe flights are mid-July, mid-August, and mid-September. So summer is one of the best times of the year if you want to get cheap deals on flight tickets for Europe.

    What Are The Worst Days To Fly? 

    As per general logic, the worst times are those when tickets are expensive, and tickets are expensive during high seasons like holidays, festivals, summer or spring breaks, and so on. However, it is not always possible to avoid them. So follow the tips discussed earlier in this article to get cheap flight tickets. If you are looking for general information on the worst days to get international travel, it would be Fridays and Sundays. In some cases, Mondays can be expensive as well. 


    The best option is to book in advance if you are aware of your travel plan. Research about the best and worst days for your flight before booking while keeping in mind the tips to book the cheapest flight.

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