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SNAP Indoor Parking EWR - Location:

40.718526 -74.185396

SNAP Indoor Parking EWR - 98 Frelinghuysen Ave, Newark, NJ 07114

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SNAP Indoor Parking EWR

There are tens of millions of passengers who fly in and out of the Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) every year. The next time you join their ranks, trust SNAP for long-term parking. SNAP is located 5 miles away from EWR and offers secure long-term Newark airport parking. Not only will you get the best prices, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of our fantastic benefits that make SNAP an easy choice:

24-Hour Surveillance. Our facility has the highest possible security, including closed-circuit TVs and cameras to allow our team to constantly monitor every vehicle. We staff SNAP 24 hours a day, seven days a week to be able to give you the confidence and peace of mind you deserve. Additionally, SNAP is gated, so no one can get access to your vehicle, ensuring secure Newark airport parking.
Indoor Parking.* You don’t have to be concerned about the weather, which can be unpredictable and severe in the Newark area. Even if it hails or a blizzard comes our way, your vehicle will be protected.
Low Rates. Have you ever felt like you were getting too little for your airport parking? Our low rates will surprise you! We offer economy parking at tremendously affordable rates. To ensure you get our best rates available, please book your next Newark airport off-site parking with SNAP online. You can even prepay to help you get in and out of SNAP faster than ever.
No Booking Fee. Book direct at our official site for the lowest SNAP rate guaranteed. No third party booking fees!
Free Shuttle to EWR. There’s never an extra fee for using our comfortable, safe shuttle service to your terminal at EWR. Because we’re so close to Newark Liberty International Airport, we are able to get you to your destination in about five minutes. Plus, our shuttle will be there to transport you back to the SNAP facility when you return.
Membership Benefits. Do you frequently fly out of Newark? Consider getting a SNAP Pass. The SNAP Pass is the economical way to make sure your experience with us is even quicker. In addition, you’ll get points every time you use your SNAP Pass. It’s a free offer from SNAP, and one that our customers love.
Valet Service. Don’t like to spend precious minutes seeking out a parking space? With SNAP, you don’t have to! Our valets will transport your vehicle to a safe location within our indoor parking decks.
Why worry about parking at Newark airport when you can sit back and relax with SNAP? Book your vehicle’s stay with us by filling out our online form and reserving a space in the SNAP facility. Remember, you can always trust SNAP for friendly, professional service while parking at Newark Liberty International Airport. When you need long-term parking, think of SNAP first!

With our help you will find the best cheap parking. If you did not find the right information on this page or this airport parking does not suit your needs, you might be interested in other parking spots near the EWR airport. You can always use our website search engine to find a cheapest airport car parking that suits you the best.

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Book Online

Booking online is when you use the internet or apps in your phone to pay and reserve your parking spot. Booking online guarantees that you have a parking spot on the day of your flight. We have an extensive list of car parks for you to book online.


Car park can accommodate all types of cars. Types of cars include sedans. station wagons, mini vans, sports, and luxury vehicles that are equipped to seat not more than 12 adults, and does not exceed the height restrictions of the car park.


Motorbikes are two or three wheeled vehicles with engine capacity exceeding 660 cc. Type of motorbikes include mopeds, scooters, cruisers, off-roads, and tricycles. Car parks have designated areas for motorbike parking.


Car service is a benefit provided by car park operators while you are away. This may include major or minor car repairs which are done by qualified technicians.


Corporate account is when a company secures parking spaces for their employees in a car park. Corporate account services are designed to provide companies hassle-free parking benefits with multiple car park options to suit the company’s needs and budget.


A shuttle bus ferries passengers from our car park to and from the airport. The shuttle buses are equipped with extra luggage space for its passengers. We provide regular shuttle bus services or an on-demand basis service.

Long Term

Long Term Car Parks are car parks where you can park your vehicle for a longer period of time ranging from a day to weeks. These car parks offer cheaper parking rates for longer stays. The longer the stay, the more value you get. They may provide other services including courtesy shuttle to and from the airport, valet parking, and car detailing and maintenance.

Short Term

Short Term Car Park are car parks ideal for a few minutes to a day of parking. Parking fees are usually on a per hour basis, although most of these car parks can accommodate more than a day of parking. The rates are higher compared to other parking options.

24 Open

Car parks that are open 24 hours provide extra security for your car such as CCTV camera, and roving security personnel. You can park and pick up your car at any time with no added costs except for the parking fee. They may also provide services such as shuttle to and from the airport, car maintenance, valet parking, and key storage facility.


Indoor car parks are covered car parks for both short term or long term parking. Despite a slightly higher cost compared to outdoor parking, you can enjoy more benefits including CCTV coverage, roving security patrol, shuttle services to and from the airport, and protection of your car from the elements.


Pre-booking is when you book a parking space in a car park days or weeks prior to your flight. By pre-booking, you save money as discounts are offered by car parks for this option, and you save time as well, as all you have to do is proceed to the parking area where a space is reserved for you.


Credit or debit cards can be used to pay for parking fees here. Major CC vendors accepted.


Cash payment is when you pay in cash for your parking fee. By using this form of payment, you will have to make a cost estimate depending on how many hours or days you will be parking your vehicle. Payment is made when exiting the car park which means you have to make sure you have cash on hand.


CCTV is a closed-circuit television which produces images or recordings for a number of surveillance and other monitoring private purposes. These are used by car parks to ensure the safety and security of vehicles 24/7. These are strategically located all over the car park and are monitored by security personnel.

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SNAP Indoor Parking EWR
98 Frelinghuysen Ave, Newark, NJ 07114
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