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The Pasco Airport is the 4th largest commercial airport in Washington. It has three runways and covers 904 ha (2,235 acres) of land.
 According to the Airport’s Administrative records, in 2008 the number of enplanements was 202,730. The value increased even more in 2009 but dropped in 2010, with 217,783 and 202,114 passenger boardings (enplanements) respectively.
Two runways are available here: 9/27 which is 4,442 by 150 feet, while the other is 5/23 with 8,000 by 150 ft. On March 31st, 2014 which marked a full year, the number of aircraft operations daily was 127, while for the year it was 46,484. 72% of these operations were for general aviation, 25% for air taxi, and 2% for airline and 1% for military. As of March 2017, the airport uses sixty aircraft to carry out its services: 22 multi-engine aircraft, 20 single-engine aircraft, 13 jets, and 5 helicopters.
Pasco Airport ensures that travelers get the best from their service with their free Wi-Fi, restaurant, gift shop, and ATMs. Also, at the airport services counter, the staff is ready to attend to customers needs. 
Passengers traveling via train ply the “Empire Builder” line to reach the Pasco Rail Station and then walk the remaining mile or board a taxi to the airport.

Pasco Airport Parking Service

Short-Term Parking

The short term parking lot is located on the left side of the 2nd exit. This parking lot lets users park for 24 hours or less. Users can walk to the toll booth to make payments via cash, debit or credit card. Payments in checks are not possible.

Long-Term Parking

The long term parking is located on the left side of the airport’s first exit. This lot is for users that may need a space to park their cars for longer periods (more than 24 hours). Payment for this parking lot is made at the toll booth with cash, debit or credit card.

Credit Only Parking

This parking lot is located on the right of the first exit as you come into the Pasco Airport. This parking lot has the same rate as the long-term. It is also for customers that wish to use the parking space for more than 24 hours. Customers can make payments using their debit and credit cards only.
For further questions or assistance, customers can contact Dan Martin at (423) 325-6167.

Pasco Airport Parking Fees

These parking lots: Short term, long term, and the Long-term Express parking are the services offered at different prices. Below is a brief breakdown of the Pasco Airport Parking Rates:

Short-Term Parking Rates

For the short term parking, there’s a grace period of fifteen minutes, just for the 1st hour. Rates are repeated after 24 hours. And there’s a maximum rate of $14 daily. Below is the breakdown:
·         $1 for the 1st half-hour
·         Additional $1 for every half hour
·          $14 for 7 to 24 hours (the daily maximum)

Long-Term Parking Rates

For Pasco airport long term parking, there’s a grace period of fifteen minutes, just for the 1st hour. Rates are repeated after 24 hours. And there’s a maximum rate of $9 per day. Below is the breakdown:
·         $1 for the first half-hour
·         Additional $1 after every half hour
·         $8 for up to 4 hours
·         $9 for 4.5 to 24 hours (daily max)

 Credit Card Only Parking Rates

·         $2 for every hour
·         $9 (daily max)

Special Parking Options

Disabled Parking

Disabled parking is available in the short and long term parking lots. To use this parking space, users must possess a license plate or a disabled parking placard.
Cell Phone Waiting Lot
The cell phone waiting lot only has ten parking spaces, and it is designed for those waiting to pick up passengers. This waiting lot doesn’t attract any charge.

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