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Needless to say that Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport is the main airlines hub for New Orleans metropolitan area. It is mostly used by passengers for domestic travelling, however, it also has several international destinations, including Frankfurt, Toronto, London, etc. New Orleans airport parking options are represented by 3000 short term  parking lots and 2500 long term ones.

Things you need to know about New Orleans airport parking

Basically, New Orleans International Airport parking has long term, short term, credit card and cell phone lots. If to take into consideration short term parking, New Orleans airport offers a special garage. It is time-efficient and convenient solution for those people who don’t need to stay in the airport for a long period of time. Good news: you can also pay for parking without using a ticket system! The only thing you need is to use your credit card: insert it into a machine near the garage entrance.

Long Term parking at New Orleans airport is available for car owners as well. It is allowed in two main garages for a period of 30 days. Another place for cheap parking, New Orleans airport, is a cell phone lot. This lot is optimized for parking up to 1 hour. Usually, it is commonly used by people who just meet passengers from a plane.  

New Orleans airport parking rates

New Orleans airport parking rates depend on a parking type. For instance, short term stay will cost you $2/first hour and $2/each additional half an hour. The maximum payment period allowed is $18.50/24 hours. As you see, New Orleans airport parking fees aren’t the lowest possible. Almost the same price is set for a long term parking garage but the maximum sum is $15/24 hours.

How much is parking at New Orleans airport? This question is so popular among the airport clients! Actually, many of them continue using a credit card lot because it is the cheapest one - $11/24 hours. But a shuttle bus isn’t provided for people who park there, they should get to the airport through a special walkway. New Orleans airport parking coupons provide slight discounts to passengers.

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