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Evansville Regional Airport (EVV) is a public airport located just a few miles north of Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana. Airport handles around 200 thousand passengers every year, providing flights to its top destinations, such as Charlotte, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit, and Orlando/Sanford. Evansville airport processes more than 30 000 aircraft operations every year and most of it is general aviation.

First established in 1928, the airport still provides its services in Evansville. The terminal has been renovated several times since 1928: in 1950, in 1988, 2013 and 2016 and still continues to improve its facilities. It is a one-storey building that concentrates on providing comfortable, convenient and fast services. Airport also focuses its attention on the environment problem. You can find liquid disposal and recycling stations, filtered water refilling stations, single-stream recycling waste containers as well as improved indoor air quality with 02 prime bipolar ionization equipment. Evansville regional airport parking is also supports the eco improvements as the new solar parking canopy is already under construction. Cozy terminal can offer a nice dinner or snacks at Iron Compass restaurant, fun time for you children at cMoe kids area, and an opportunity to work without interruption at the Berry business lounge. And if you just want to serf the internet while waiting for your flight, free Wi-Fi connection is available across the airport 24/7. < /p>

Evansville Indiana regional airport parking

Evansville airport parking has two parking lots to offer. The Hourly parking lot is the closest and most convenient option for short travels. It is located right across the main terminal and getting there can’t be more convenient as it will take you through the covered passageways to protect you from any weather. The Long term parking at Evansville, Indiana (Economy lot) is located right behind the Hourly lot. It is a wide outdoor parking lot with a part of it being under construction for new solar panels parking canopy project. Evansville regional airport parking construction is going to be the NATION'S LARGEST airport solar canopy, which will help to cover around 50 percent of the overhaul terminal’s power.

Map of parking at Evansville airport.

Parking at Evansville airport is even more comfortable with new parking loyalty program. All the program members will receive special perks like parking discounts in the covered lot, located conveniently close to the terminal and direct credit-card link as well as online registration and account management system.

Evansville airport parking rates

The first four hours of parking in the short and long-term lots are free. Each additional hour costs $1 for the Economy lot and $2 for the Hourly lot. Daily parking rate at Evansville airport is respectively $8 and $16 for Economy lot and Short-term lot. The maximum weekly rate (including 5, 6, or 7 days) is $40 for the Economy lot and $80 for Hourly lot.

Evansville airport parking fees

With parking loyalty program you can save up to 43% of the parking fees:

Platinum — 30 Trips

Maximum daily rate - $9, Maximum weekly rate - $45.

Gold — 20 Trips

Maximum daily rate - $12, Maximum weekly rate - $60.

Silver — 10 Trips

Maximum daily rate - $14, Maximum weekly rate - $70.

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